Boarding Agreement Form

Save time during your boarding visit. Complete your required boarding agreement form online from any device at any time before your visit.

The Animal Tracks Team Can’t Wait for Your Pet to Stay with Us

Please read and fill out this form completely to help our team make your pet’s stay enjoyable. This form is specifically for patients with existing reservations at Animal Tracks Veterinary Hospital. Filling out this form WILL NOT create a reservation at Animal Tracks Veterinary Hospital.

If you are unsure if your pet has an existing reservation, please call our hospital at (256) 355-8688 to check availability and receive a reservation confirmation.

Thank you!

Boarding drop-off is unavailable on Weekends and Major Holidays.

Weekend pick-up times are available if prearranged with our team at the time you drop off your pet. Weekend pick-up times are 9:00 am-9:30 am or 4:30 pm-5:00 pm. Pick-up is unavailable on Major Holidays.

You have the option to bring food from home or your pet can be fed in-clinic food. Our hospital feeds Royal Canin Gastrointestinal low-fat or Hills I/D low fat dry kibble, which are palatable and easy on the stomach.
In order to ensure your pet is eating an adequate amount while boarding, our team will monitor specific amount fed and frequency at each meal. (Ex: 1/2 cup per meal OR 1/2 cup dry and 2 tbsp wet mixed together)
Please include strength of medication (mg or mg/mL). (Examples: Benadryl 25mg 1 tablet by mouth twice daily.) If your pet is not on any medications, please type: NONE
Ex: Benadryl @ 7am. ( If your pet is not on any medications, please type: NONE)

Please note:
We do our best to keep up with all pet's belongings, but Animal Tracks Veterinary Hospital cannot be responsible for damage to any personal items during their stay at Animal Tracks.

COVID-19 Protocol
In our continued effort to limit person-to-person contact, we are currently only allowing the following personal belongings: Leash, Harness/Collar, and Food.

These items will be disinfected immediately upon entering Animal Tracks Veterinary Hospital. All other items will be sent back home at this time.

Please list and describe ALL personal belongings. Be sure to include any collars, harnesses, and leashes and be as descriptive as possible. (Example: Green and white Publix bag, red and blue collar, black leash, etc...)

FLEAS: To prevet flea infestation of the hospital and its' patients, all incoming pets are carefully examined for any evidence of fleas. If any fleas are detected, a flea treatment will be given at the cost of $8.00. This policy protects your pet as well as others.

(Ex: Frontline)

HEALTH: To protect the health of your pet and the hospital’s patients, all pets boarding at Animal Tracks Veterinary Hospital must have had a full exam at our clinic within the past (1) year and be current on their vaccinations. If they are not current on their exam or vaccines, these services will be performed upon admitting the pet for boarding at the owner’s expense.

ILLNESS: If your pet becomes ill or requires medical attention while boarding with us, they will be examined and treated by a veterinarian at the owner’s expense. We will make all means necessary to contact you first.

Please enter a valid phone number.