Pet Boarding

We are your trustworthy pet boarding service! We provide a comfortable and safe environment for your furry companions while you’re away.

Pet Boarding

At Animal Tracks Veterinary Hospital, we consider pets to be a beloved member of your family. Because of this, we provide quality pet boarding services in Decatur, Alabama. When you’re away from home, you can rely on us to give your furry buddy the loving care and surroundings they need.

For your pet, don’t accept anything less than the best. Make an appointment for your pet’s boarding at Animal Tracks Veterinary Hospital to see the difference our pet boarding service can make.

The Benefits of Pet Boarding at Animal Tracks Veterinary Hospital

Choosing Animal Tracks Veterinary Hospital for your pet boarding needs comes with a wide range of benefits. We understand that leaving your beloved pet behind can be a difficult decision, but rest assured that we go above and beyond to ensure their happiness and well-being while you’re away. Here are some of the reasons why our pet boarding service stands out:

  • Our major concerns are the security and comfort of your pet. We offer roomy, spotless boarding facilities where your animal friend will have lots of space to unwind and play. Every pet has a comfortable bed and constant access to fresh water. To ensure your pet’s protection, our facilities have secure cages that are watched over carefully.
  • Animals are our passion, and our highly qualified and experienced team members are committed to giving them the greatest care. They go above and beyond to help pets feel at home because they are aware of their unique needs. Our staff will give your pet’s needs individual attention, from routine playtime and exercise to giving any required medications.
  • We think that a happy animal is a healthy animal. To keep your furry buddy amused and interested throughout their stay, we provide a variety of enjoyable and educational activities. We make sure that your pet has fun and is stimulated during their time with us, whether it be through interactive play, puzzle toys, or gentle grooming sessions.
  • Animal Tracks Veterinary Hospital is a full-service animal hospital, not just a place to board pets. This means that our qualified veterinarians and staff are on hand to offer the appropriate treatment if your pet needs it while they are with us. Knowing that your pet is in competent hands might give you peace of mind.